Monday, September 21, 2009

Father, May I....

Growing up, I remember my sister's and I would always be excited for 4:30 because it was around that time that South Pacific Traders would be closing and that meant we could go to the front parking lot to play. One of our more favorite games was called: "Mother, May I"...Considering a few "things" I've been going through for the past month or so...I find it fitting to ask H/F the same:

Father, May I: Teach my children that no other successes can EVER compensate for failure in the home. Family first. "Ou uo i aso uma, a'o ou uso i aso vale". Above all else...because some people just don't get it!
Father, May I: Love my children, unconditionally...and beat them even though I don't want to because in the end, they will know that life isn't always gonna be easy, or pretty, but what doesn't kill you, will pass and that just means you are better prepared for success!
Father, May I: Provide for my children. Until my dying breath, may I be a pillar they can lean on at all times. But, please don't let me smother them. Strike me down, when I do. Because I want them to know that mommy and daddy will always be there for them, but you have to also make your own way in life.
Father, May I: Teach my children about caring for the sick. Because my family took the time to teach me the same. It pays to know. And, it's just UGLY when you don't know how to care for your loved ones....*ugh* VERY UGLY!!! And Madea said it best: "God don't like UGLY!!"
Father, May I: Teach my children RESPECT! For their elders, for their parents, for their peers, for each other. Because nobody likes a brat, especially a Samoan one. Know your role! Shut your mouth! Say "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me"....
Father, May I; Teach my children Teamwork. Because it's always easier when there's more than one person carrying a load. AND because lifes just better when there's more people along for the ride!
Father May I: Remember to tell my children everyday how much I love them, but more importantly may I always remember to SHOW them how much I love them, because actions really speak volumes over words!
Father May I: Hand out chores to my children. It builds character. Knowing how to and what to and when to....will help life go by a little better.
Father May I: Teach my children to fear you! Because all things are possible through you, and I most definitely can bear witness to that!
and last, but most definitely not least...
Father May I: Teach my children GRATITUDE!!! Be grateful that you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Be grateful for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Be grateful for the blessing of sight and sound and smell. Begrateful that you can wake up everyday and walk. Be grateful that you have loved ones who care enough to yell when necessary. Be grateful! Because when you know what you have and are grateful for it, you are better able to hang on to it!!!

and while you're at it father, can you also make me skinny and give me the winning numbers for the lottery????? *winks*

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer ongoings...and some shout outs...

So much has happened in the past couple of months and so, I haven't posted in a's is my attempt at correcting it! July 21-26 was our siblings family reunion. It was so much fun. Family from Samoa, Cali, Alaska, and Hawaii were in town and we spent our days just lazing and hanging out. The activities were extra fun! (Especially SATURDAY!!!) kids had so much fun hanging out with all their cousins. And I was able to witness, yes again, the magnitude of which my family can love. One of the biggest things that I've come away from the reunion is a challenge (or demand depending on how you choose to look at it ;)...) from Va, our eldest sibling, to turn our lives around. I have been thinking a lot about where I find myself spiritually these days. How did I get here? All my life I've been so strong in the church. Why am I now inactive? Its gonna be a long road, but maybe, for once, I can make them proud. Pray for me y'all!!

Cricket season is finally over. Tala's team came in 2nd place which is not too bad considering this is most of the player's first year playing! He was so excited to make the championship game. And we were super excited to be there to cheer him on. Daddy would be so proud of me, that I actually understand the rules to one of his favorite past times!! Who knows, maybe next year, I'll step it up and play....LOL!!! I know, who am I kidding, but you never know, I just might surprise you all. Stay tuned!

The kids continue to grow and keep us in awe over the many, MANY lessons they teach us. PJ is at a point where she is mimicking her brother a lot. She's also starting to speak more clearly and in more full sentences. "Mommy, 'Koa hit me!!" is her latest course we all know it wasn't unprovoked. Kekoa loves being a big brother. Everytime PJ falls or gets hurt, he's always the first to say "bring her to okay PJ???" just gotta love it. *tears* I want them to be babies FOREVER!!

I'm so grateful for all the everyday blessings we enjoy. I've notice a lot of the bloggers that I follow have been talking about the blessing they are most grateful for. I echo all of you! I too am grateful for all the challenges that allow us to grow and be better. But mostly, I've been thinking a lot about how grateful I am for those who fight for the freedoms we enjoy in this life. A lot of my friends and relatives are returning from yet another tour either in Iraq or Afghanistan. I'm so grateful for them. Malcolm Polu, Rocky Siufanua, Tali Atoa, Mapu Siufanua, Sekoge Levu, and everyone else...I salute you. Not only do you fight for the freedoms I take for granted, you do it while enduring the heartache of being away from your own families. Fa'afetai, Fa'afetai, Fa'afetai TELE LAVA!!! And love you all...

I have found, recently, that I feel most grateful for my siblings. My sisters, mostly. For those who are closest to me, I know you know just how head strong and stubborn and fa'alii I can be. In my old age of 25 (, not much has changed. I continue to try to prove to everyone that I am my own island. Well, reality has slapped me in the face a few times and I've found myself needig help. I am just blown away at the love that my sisters continue to show me. As much as they yell at me or banish me(yes, I am really that bad)...when all is said and done, and the dust clears, it's the six of them that stand with open arms ready to pick up all the pieces and make my life better. They say it's for the kids, but I know really, REALLY love me!! hahahahahaha... So, my biggest salute goes to you Vaofu'a Solomona, Katherine Saena, Leone Matuu, Luluvita Suamatai'a, Faiaso Atia'e, and Lelelese Soliai. I love you more than words and hope to make you all proud of me someday. Oh! I love you too Pinemua and Aloalii and David!!!

Here's hoping everyone is enjoying their summer. We will continue to try and enjoy what left as we dread the impending winter!! Sorry, my camera is baroken so no pics until I can get it replaced. Til next time...*deuces*

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Recent pics of the kids...

Kekoa and AJ (Aso's son) at a wedding this weekend. I was supposed to get the kids pictures done, but woke up too late...oh well, here is their most recent!!

I just can't help it! She's just too cute for words!

Family Ties....

I just read on the Pinemua and Vaofu'a family website that there will be ANOTHER big reunion in So.Cal next year!!! OH EM GEE!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! I can't wait to see everyone who makes it out...So many memories are flooding in of Family To'ana'is at Aunty Tupu's, Aunty Lefaga's, and Aunty Nua's house. Playing in Aunty Tupu's massive yard. Family Meetings at our house(for some reason I hear Tauvaga's voice in my head saying "let's have it at Uncle Fotu's house"lol)...Super JUICED about seeing the Soliai's, Ho-Chings, Savalis, Reids, Cravens, Hills, and everyone else. I'm so excited, I can barely think while writing this. So many things floating around in my head, that I can't seem to decide what I want to write about...and so begins the countdown. This year all the sibs, next year everyone else! My children will be so blessed to finally know the true span of their Soliai blood.

Note to the bebes:
You two have a rich bloodline. One your mother is very proud of. It is my hope that these family reunions will help to give you a little idea of the childhood I had and how blessed I am that I was able to grow up so closely among my extended family. Count this blessingas a big one!

Note to the FAM:
SEE YA NEXT YEAR!!! at least those I won't be seeing in a couple weeks!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Will the REAL O.G. please stand up....

This one is for my sister, Leone. She commented my blog about Tafi and Sifo and said that it's really her, that I'm copying...OK, you caught me, 'One, you are definitely ORIGINAL!!! AAAANNNNNDDDD....unblock your blogs so that I can comment them, please!! lol...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ohana Talaiga

Finally got the internet working at home so here are some pics for ya....
This one almost got deleted again, but I just love Kekoa in, enjoy it while it will be gone soon!! lol

My PJ trying to do big kid things....she's such a bossy little child!!

With cousin Malaki when he came to visit...we were waiting to go into the Bouncy Place...

This is actually Kekoa's work...I thought it was too cute...

Miss PJ saying "cheese"

Motherhood Missed???

For those of you who don't know, I've been a working mom since before PJ was born. After having her, I was home less than three weeks and then back on the grind. There are too many times that I come home and see how my kids interact with their father, and think to myself that I've somehow missed my time to be a mother. It's not uncommon in my family for women to work. Our parents have instilled in us that working hard, playing hard, and above all, providing for our children are some of the most important things we can do as adults. From as far back as I can remember, my mom worked. The airport. The hotel. Island Trucking. Mr. Lim. South Pacific. Always. But, why do I feel so inadequate now that I am doing the same thing???

My sisters all work. Except for Leone who really has made motherhood a career, and Va who just got it like that and has a great husband who affords her many a luxury in life (BTW, yes I do wonder why I couldn't have been as lucky!! ;) but, such is life) Why is it that I feel so inadequate? Am I really? Anyone out there want to share? Maybe offer some solace? I know that there are a lot of women out there who work as well, so why is that I feel like this? For the record, I LOVE my children. I know they love me, I just wish that they would run to me when they need comforting.

To make things husband just started working a couple of weeks ago. We have pretty much the same schedule and work within minutes of each other, so we leave home at the same time and come home at the same time. The first couple of days that we come home, we park the car and call for the kids. They come running out the door calling "mommy" and "daddy" and then run straight past me with my arms out to hold them and fly into the arms of their father!!!! REALLY?!?!? you had to pass me to get to him. Not even a hello....NADA!!! Talk about let down. My husband LOVES it! It irritates me that he finds such joy in knowing that they are closer to him! GGGRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!

Note to the bebes: MOMMY LOVES YOU MORE!!!! lol....