Monday, September 21, 2009

Father, May I....

Growing up, I remember my sister's and I would always be excited for 4:30 because it was around that time that South Pacific Traders would be closing and that meant we could go to the front parking lot to play. One of our more favorite games was called: "Mother, May I"...Considering a few "things" I've been going through for the past month or so...I find it fitting to ask H/F the same:

Father, May I: Teach my children that no other successes can EVER compensate for failure in the home. Family first. "Ou uo i aso uma, a'o ou uso i aso vale". Above all else...because some people just don't get it!
Father, May I: Love my children, unconditionally...and beat them even though I don't want to because in the end, they will know that life isn't always gonna be easy, or pretty, but what doesn't kill you, will pass and that just means you are better prepared for success!
Father, May I: Provide for my children. Until my dying breath, may I be a pillar they can lean on at all times. But, please don't let me smother them. Strike me down, when I do. Because I want them to know that mommy and daddy will always be there for them, but you have to also make your own way in life.
Father, May I: Teach my children about caring for the sick. Because my family took the time to teach me the same. It pays to know. And, it's just UGLY when you don't know how to care for your loved ones....*ugh* VERY UGLY!!! And Madea said it best: "God don't like UGLY!!"
Father, May I: Teach my children RESPECT! For their elders, for their parents, for their peers, for each other. Because nobody likes a brat, especially a Samoan one. Know your role! Shut your mouth! Say "please" and "thank you" and "excuse me"....
Father, May I; Teach my children Teamwork. Because it's always easier when there's more than one person carrying a load. AND because lifes just better when there's more people along for the ride!
Father May I: Remember to tell my children everyday how much I love them, but more importantly may I always remember to SHOW them how much I love them, because actions really speak volumes over words!
Father May I: Hand out chores to my children. It builds character. Knowing how to and what to and when to....will help life go by a little better.
Father May I: Teach my children to fear you! Because all things are possible through you, and I most definitely can bear witness to that!
and last, but most definitely not least...
Father May I: Teach my children GRATITUDE!!! Be grateful that you have a roof over your head and food to eat. Be grateful for 10 fingers and 10 toes. Be grateful for the blessing of sight and sound and smell. Begrateful that you can wake up everyday and walk. Be grateful that you have loved ones who care enough to yell when necessary. Be grateful! Because when you know what you have and are grateful for it, you are better able to hang on to it!!!

and while you're at it father, can you also make me skinny and give me the winning numbers for the lottery????? *winks*

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